Don't just think it, do it!

Surely you can do better?????

Some have small kitchens and some no kitchen in some places, don’t let it become a hurdle, yes find a piece of clean board,  you can always tuck it behind a cupboard
after, use a bottle if you haven’t got a rolling pin.

A few potatoes, half a mackerel fillet, some basil puree and a stock cube, 5 sprigs of kale as optional.

The pastry was packet bought and you don’t need to put an egg in it or on it or wash it with milk. Save them for another meal or drink.

Appreciate moderation, absolutely no more than one or two in two days of any one week if watching weight and if no other food at all on that one or two days apart from a couple of apples or a oranges or two pears. Shortcrust pastry pack made 4 and one biscuit.

Just what would you put in yours, can you roll your pastry thinner and do 5 or 6?

But how thin? Would you want to?

Cover with foil on plate when cool/ keep in refrigerator.

Why not post your creations on this site too, see how good you can get.

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