Salt free option idea, calories test too and an homage with 7 days of healthy combination?

As of 7th i was still on cardamom tea, fruit infusions and odd bits of food.  I seemed to have moved from caffeine too and was not aware that i was achieving it because it was not deliberately part of any personal plan or structure.

I had been out of milk for maybe 5 days and i hadn’t had the black coffee mentioned in recent days before.

On 6th i went shopping and deliberately did not buy milk.

I have not drank coffee still for maybe a week now, it’s not odd, wondering why is another matter? Though i was concerned but not without quiet optimism either and i like coffee.

Too, i wasn’t in the mood to eat the new recipe i had planned to cook because i had some housework needs, creating recipes is one thing but then having to tackle the washing up is something else?

My kitchen is not like the long galley kitchen i left behind a few years ago, it’s sweet but compact here. i threw some odd bits of food together instead/as opposed to wasting great food.

Whilst watching the commonwealth games i felt so humbled at the great works some are and have been doing globally.

Some weeks ago and yes i hardly ever do or have wanted to, i seemed to want to get some nuts.

Having purchased some regular salted peanuts and opted for the smaller bag (much smaller) it was really nice, i ate them over a period of maybe a week but sealed the bag with a clothes peg each time i had a few. Very tasty.

Yesterday it was the 6th and  i was at a shop and knew i wanted to buy some nuts to use in a recipe, i saw some brazil nuts and thought that yes they may be a expensive purchase comparitively but if you only have a few now or a few really now and then, then it kind of works out ok. Obviously not if nut intolerant.

I also purchased another item which is kind of expensive, it says two servings on the packet but i already had maybe 5 small servings of only a few and i am not even half way through it yet.

I’m working on looking further into using this product and how.

My coffee consumption has slimmed down dramatically and i have ordered a teapot today rather than making green tea or other in a water jug.

I am bracing myself to put the next recipe together but did make an interesting discovery yesterday. That along with what i did over winter which was not as per normal foodwise i shall try to add soon. i am trying to move forward.

I find some of the fruit infusions although they may be labelled as same can vary considerably depending on brand and of course personal tastes can vary, good to shop around and try a few. It can help if making a switch to put two of the teabags (they are often in teabag form) in for a while but eventually see it as a personal challenge to not the change to only one. The apple and cinnamon infusion is really not bad at all.  Over the winter time this year i decided somehow that i wanted to try something new. It had been horrible the year before with one of my two cats dying and the year before that too when i had three cats. They were all from the same litter so i was quite scared and kind of barrackaded the draught areas up in my flat and made sure she was warm and because i felt she still missed her sister sometimes. She had become quite possessive but i didn’t mind, i was more concened for her to be honest but i’m sure she knew that too.

My last cat did pass away a few weeks after. I was already well into winter and Christmas had passed but but for Christmas sake i braved it. I had decided to eat only garlic bread over the whole Christmas/holiday season and through the winter believing that somehow if i stuck to one primary food group, then i wanted to see if it would be easier then to switch to a variety of foodgroups.

My weight did increase considerably even though only eating one or two garlic breads daily. I used various shop bought ones which are fantastic but also i made my own and that was fun. I preferred to shop bought ones and when they are cooked correctly in an oven instead of in a plastic tray in a microwave and it is actually better for you i am very sure because the intensity of the heat and the baking tray has an effect on the butter and the bread and the overall cooking experience, less fatty garlic butter which would otherwise still be in a plastic tray if microwaved.

Usually i try to do some things mealwise over winter, certainly with the season in mind and the changes generally until the winter has passed, especially a festive type of meal for example but this year and for a variety of reasons i tried something i’d never tried before, i am now kind of moving forward from that and shall shall mention it here soon. Maybe it’s surprising somehow but maybe not too.After adding the recipe/suggestion No sugar sweet i had a black coffee. It was the first coffee i’d had in a while and it was kind of nice, i actually had a coffee (no sugar or milk) with the meal itself, it seemed to even kind of complememnt it. I was really apprehensive about doing a coffee, as if i didn’t really want to somehow. I looked at the coffee jar and my thought was “there’s nothing wrong with coffee”. I smiled.

So no, i didn’t cook a formal christmas meal. I did have a few mince pies and was not fearful as it was winter of the weightgain.

I tried on some clothes which i had not worn in a year or so and i could tell that weight had crept on and was not impressed at all. Has it been easy to change since February? The answer can only be that it has seemed to be a almost natural progression though too with it’s choices, decisions and results or not as the case may be.

I now presently do not eat bread or pastry products and i have stopped using butter or ghee again and even milk whether semi skimmed or not. Today i was really hankering for a bread roll and i decided to go to the shops and i had already decided not to take the offer of four bread rolls for xxx amount of money but to purchase only one bread roll and appreciate it as a total treat for the time being.

Another thing i considered recently, rather than buying a whole loaf of bread, to buy a shop made sandwich with some nice salad in it and then ease off on bread for a few days and how the adjustment kind of works, testing and monitoring over a short time whether weight changes along with other minor changes you put in place can only help whatever plan or structure you may be on.

Some say that breakfast should be the best meal of the day but i believe that can depend on on its fiber content as in it should therefore contain more roughage. A good cereal. But during the day small servings but a few during the day with herbal or green tea or fruit infusion.

This is pasta cooked with kale so that the stalks soften even though i think kale is nice lightly cooked with some green beans on their own so they are still a bit crunchy.

This though is well cooked with a few green beans thrown in too and a vegetable stock cube. Drain the pasta after cooking.

I kind of feel that how i am at the moment though much of it was worry, concern and possibly grief and winter is rather like the initial steps or Tier 1 recipes of Regenprotec or this website/ but i don’t want to eat eggs presently, i like eggs though, soft or hard boiled they are nice, i don’t drink so much coffee now anyway. I did wonder about a kind of omelette earlier though it wasn’t an omelette. I may actually do that in due course because it seemed very tasty as i thought about how i might cook it.


Please also understand that although i have remarked about easing off or cutting back on some food groups for a while and recommended on some of the site pages, neither i nor Regenprotec or can, are or do blame any particular food group at all.  That would be a horrendous thing to imply or suggest and to do so would contravene the ethos of Regenprotec.

I still wouldn’t mind a bit of a cake like the cake (photo on this page), i’d totally love it.

I went to shop earlier and i could have got two small wholemeal baguettes or a small loaf but i looked on it as a total break from what had been my regime and a treat, so i purchased one small baguette.

You can think of a bread roll and a baguette which is considerably smaller than a french stick. You can cut the baguette in half and then slice the baguette in half again (4 small meals). Yes so i forgot to get some lettuce, but tomato with no butter or margarine at moment is just as good.


One baguette cut in half and sliced again in the middle with a tomato and a black coffee but it could be water too.

That’s 4 small meals over two days, and yes some could well think ‘ok but what with it’?

This is why i put this site together.

Educate your tummy to expect smaller amounts.

It’s achievable.


I bought two cabbages, one of them was kind of quite small and dinky, also i had a punnet of mushrooms in the refrigerator that would have gone over /past their reasonablest the next day so once trimmed and washed with the chopped the smallest of the two cabbages and added two chopped pink onions and they were all boiled together.

A few spicey things were added too but not to overpower the taste of the cabbage, to complement or there is no point in having it in the meal i guess unless you didn’t like the taste of cabbage too much but liked the texture, they added flecks of colour which kind of made the colour even nicer.
I felt that it was a happy cabbage at least.

The cabbages are not the savoy type which would have been equally as delicious.
I cut into my hand slightly with the knife whilst cutting the onion but it was ok. Maybe it was excitement.

I added two vegetable stock cubes. It made two servings of this size.

I didn’t eat it all but slept like a log almost immediately after, i know i had messages coming through on my phone but was too dosile. The remainder of what was left in the saucepan was put through a sieve or it might have been a collander, the washing up is piled up so high in the kitchen, well it seems high by my standards. I hasn’t required spraying with disinfectant yet. The remainder was transferred to another saucepan, i remember thinking but if the temperature of the saucepan gets so hot anyway, why bother but somehow it kind of does something, respectfully we have cookers, ot holes in the floor with burning logs. And even then i believe that those with such would do the same anyway somehow. 5 medium to smaller potatoes were washed and with skins on chopped into smaller pieces, water was added and then the potatoes boiled until soft. No butter was added, i don’t have anyway neither milk.  No salt was added to the potatoes or pepper then they were mashed and some spring onions cleaned and chopped and added. Then a tomato trimmed and added to complement.



The meal was placed in refrigerator and allowed to totally cool which helped the spring onion infuse into it too.

I’d had one cup of black coffee so far that  day.



In a kind of attempt to address and consider no salt being added to a meal and no stock cube plus portion size and a meal i put two recipes together which i hope can demonstrate keenly.

In the first recipe no salt at all was added and no stock cube either, it really did make me question how tolerable no salt options would be, the difference was kind of not easy at first tastewise but if you just think of it as tasting the actual food ingredients without enhancement, it does work well.

I mentioned this before on some of the recipe pages.

The egg used is kind of optional because the basil puree can still be added after just before serving and maybe slightly less used in such circumstances.

If you put a regular bag of curly kale into a saucepan with some water in it and boil it , it will reduce fairly quickly, the Kale though can be stalky if not cooked properly or according to the instructions on the packet but i don’t mind that personally.


Clean and chop some spring onions and if using an egg, put it into a mixing bowl or jug and stir briskly maybe with a fork.

Then add some basil puree and stir it in.

If not using an egg stir the basil puree in maybe a few minutes before you drain off the pasta which you’ll add or soon after if you want a more stronger element of basil or don’t add as much as you might consider otherwise.

Put some pasta in with the curly kale and let the stalkiness boil out, remember this was/is for effect.

Add a half teaspoon of dried oregano to the cooking kale and pasta.

Add the chopped spring onion but remember you want to keep their crunchiness so don’t add them too early.

When the pasta has softened and you are ready to drain the water off, whilst the pasta is hot then blend in the egg and basil mixture. Or add shortly before draining the pasta or add less basil puree if adding after without an egg, maybe reduce by up to even two thirds that which you see in the photo.

If you feel that you cannot add the egg mixture so quickly after the pasta was drained, leave maybe a tablespoon of the pasta water in the saucepan and then reheat and stir in the egg and basil with a wooden spoon carefully after. The idea is to cook the egg mixture onto the heat of the pasta.

Add no salt or stockcube at any point.

It is very tasty and if you like things such as chorizo too which has salt in, wow. I might even consider some chopped bratwurst sausage in this but please check the fat content on sausage. It has a raw taste but you kind of totally know that you are in no salt world with this dish, if you look on it like that i’m sure you can enjoy it greatly and find so many immense taste surprise as your taste-buds begin to explore the by far which would be considered by some food adventurers as a more natural aspect. You can also add frozen spinach instead of curly kale though it might taste slightly fuller/dense.



But remember:

Add no salt or stockcube at any point to it



This suggestion would be if you have issues with portion size, for example, if you need to have or create a physical presentation to yourself or someone you know regarding portion size, because it is tasty.


With 5 pink onions, peel and clean them up.


If you have problems standing too long or if you can’t fit a seat in your kitchen, do the peeling sitting down somewhere else in your home/place of occupancy, they can be covered once done and left safely until you are ready to chop them and be careful, especially if circumstances are not as you might sometimes prefer.

Also for this, maybe you are not into eating eggs or want to try or want to try a different experience as tasty and delicious as they are.




“An egg can be nice with this and even if unusual, if trying to introduce someone to eggs maybe, but they already said they don’t like.”

Chop your pink onions finely and put into a saucepan with water in it. Then add up to half a bag of frozen garden peas possibly even up to 400 gramms.

Boil the onion and pea mixture.

When it softens reduce heat and turn off heat briefly and carefully try to mash it down, if you have a blender, you could mix it in a blender with a small amount of cold water then add to water in saucepan and bring it to the boil. Ok it won’t look like it does in this suggestion if blended but the taste negotiable.

Add two cloves of garlic chopped finely.

Add some finely chopped or broken up
caringly and as small as you can get them dried anchovies.

If you have been using Regenprotec or this site you will already still have some of these in your food cupboard along with the herbs and spices etc you’d have built with your store.

As for the dried anchovies, i usually say a quiet thank you to them as with if ever using an egg.

If you ever order take aways or visit restaurants or know of others who do or even if you see or know of great chilli sauces, this will be where you’ll want to pick that container out of your regrigerator and add no more than half a level teaspoonful.

Switch of the saucepan and wash the egg and place it into the pea and onion mixture. Put lid on saucepan. let it cook on it’s own, there is no hurry.

Your meal should look something like this. Indeed everytime even if quietly an homage to hens.


If you are really not wanting to add egg, you can add some uncooked pear pieces. The important factor on this is that frozen peas are approximately 86 calories per 3 tablespoonfuls.

As you enjoy your meal, calculate, add them up. 2 x 3 is ? Chilli sauce will also contain calories, as example, one teaspoon of ketchup is usually or at least was approximately 70 calories.


And how many bowls within two days? Serves 6 (approximately). Very tasty!













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