Celery and sweet potato (a sweet cleanser of a soup)

Cleansing affect of celery wrapped with the sweetness of sweet potato. So yummy delicious.

Squeaky bubble

If i said squeaky bubble i hope you might know what its like

Stuffed peppers

Try stuffed peppers (a real roasted taste and delicious too) You will need: Large round (capsicum) peppers, they are usually a bit bigger that a tennis ball and almost round, green, yellow/ orangey, yellow, orange and red. 1 large round yellow pepper (and if not dieting, maybe a small piece of cheddar cheese to mix […]

Cabbage and broccoli Soup (Hot).

Fine even without bacon but it did add a nice twist

Meat free or poultry burgers?

These grilled chicken/turkey sandwiches are mouthwatering! Great for backyard get-togethers. Bon apetit.

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