More peppered pulses recipe

In addition to the peppered pulses recipe on this site i decided to create an additional part. Some wonderful new potatoes and some shallots cooked together with some green beans and then drizzled lightly even with some left over sweet and sour sauce can be amazing, but   Don’t forget to add the ground white […]

Naughty but nice Barbara Ann

Superbly cleansingly indulgent.
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The Abs or Ber Ceau’

Tasty meal and even with the chicken if a meat eater.

A Seasonal variant

  A Seasonal variant I was so happy about how this recipe turned out, especially with it being a holiday season. As good on the second day as the first, i found that it tasted better unheated/cold but you will see that this is such a multi-dimentional recipe with so many twists, tastes and totally […]

Three variety hot potato soup

Delicious three variety potato soup

Stunningly parsnip too

Stunningly parsnip too. I would always advocate the use of the freshest of ingredients where possible if you are trying these or any recipes. The ingredients:   1 onion 6-8 Parsnips 3-5 medium potatoes 2 heads of broccoli 2 coffeecups full of frozen peas 1 and a half vegetable stock cubes 2 level tablespoonfuls of […]

Spring onions, butternut and potato

The butternut was on its way out and was going a bit discoloured at one end/ half way along so i had to use it. It is your choice but i wasn’t too keen on the toughness of butternut skins when trying to eat them so you would have to decide if blending whether to […]

Left over greens with leek and potato

Left over greens with leek and potato I had some greens which were the remainder of a packet of greens and some leeks which were past their sell by date (always use fresh when you can). I try not to waste food if i can help it but am mindful more-so now of the potential […]

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