Lentil dippity Yum Yum Soup

Possibly even suitable for monks working in an Abbey Shop or a Lavender Field. Wow!

Opteptops Advisory

Asafoetida is used in some regions/ countries widely and often by those who cannot for religious/cultural reasons eat onions or garlic.


It was nearly Halloweeen that year. Then it’s not Halloween again for another whole year.


Have you seen the breakfast version here? But i’m thinking at least garlic sauce.

Naughty but nice Barbara Ann

Superbly cleansingly indulgent.
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Dall & Rosemary

The creamiest taste with a hint of rosemary

A Seasonal variant

  A Seasonal variant I was so happy about how this recipe turned out, especially with it being a holiday season. As good on the second day as the first, i found that it tasted better unheated/cold but you will see that this is such a multi-dimentional recipe with so many twists, tastes and totally […]

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