No waste: Eat the leaves too’ . And surprise plus additions.

I had wondered about quails eggs visually but i never had them, this is kind of nice too

Limp Surprise Tasty

I put on 1.5 lbs which is not a lot i know. But any of you monitoring you weight very carefully would know that it is when trying to keep weight off. I lost 2.5lbs after eating this meal within 36 hours.

Potato Spruce

This is not a recipe, more something i discovered by chance but something also that some may enjoy to try. You will know that throughout the site, i love the various tastes and textures of different types of potatoes. The potato with skins on once cleaned up are no exception, in fact i think they […]

Savoy cabbage and plum

Plum with Savoy Cabbage

Not always plain sailing

It is important to get a base weight when commencing a weightloss strategy. Without an accurate start/base weight, how can you set a start. Vegetables were on my shopping list. Some don’t like vegetables but i hope you can also try to make a start if you are not so keen on vegetables. Before, i’d […]

Early days in weightloss

If you are a bread eater and eat lots of bread usually, it is something which by choice i had cut out of my weightloss strategy along with much of what would usually be put onto it.   Try to do odd exersize routines to try to keep up some momentum in the earlier days […]

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