Chillied Rice noodle dumpling with tomato

Nice, but watch the heat in the kitchen with the chilli oil on the saucepan please.

Lentil dippity Yum Yum Soup

Possibly even suitable for monks working in an Abbey Shop or a Lavender Field. Wow!

Neffes. T. R.

The chocolate is so totally minimal but it packs a real hit too

Twisty Tangpot

Double up on the cooking apple if not using bacon

Naughty but nice Barbara Ann

Superbly cleansingly indulgent.
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Lemon curd, dates, spaghetti and mushroom

I saw a jar of lovely lemon curd and totally could not resist.

A Seasonal variant

  A Seasonal variant I was so happy about how this recipe turned out, especially with it being a holiday season. As good on the second day as the first, i found that it tasted better unheated/cold but you will see that this is such a multi-dimentional recipe with so many twists, tastes and totally […]

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