SugarFree but so so sweet

Sweeter than sweet, peptides too: Since putting this together and just to be certain for you as to it’s effect, i discovered :
“Japanese researchers found proteins in the starchy water suppress appetite. It contains sweet potato peptide which is produced during the boiling process”.

Crunchy onion bean

With white rice lovely but not too much, or try green beans for a change and keep the onions crunchy.

The Peggy Jacques

An unusual flavor but it softens potatoes up a little like bicarbonate of soda but not with. Plus as with so many of these, a surprise too and whether you like a hot dog roll or not.

Carniherbivorous? What a question

Is it a question for you? Maybe not. But you know what Asafoetida is?

Fishling Soup

A soup with real hidden depths and hot even when it’s not.

The SS Tone

But did the plantain make it sweeter, or no?

A.T.D.K 4235

Build up your special kitchen store.

Cheesy but no cheese: Chechemanche

It tasted like a lovely cheese which was a bit odd, but no cheese in it.

4-7 day soup

Day 1. I’d made a soup in December to help get through the initial days of the winter months and was not in the mood to cook so much at all because i had flu, but as you will see, this soup not only was freezable which meant i could try to keep in recovery […]

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