No waste: Eat the leaves too’ . And surprise plus additions.

I had wondered about quails eggs visually but i never had them, this is kind of nice too

SugarFree but so so sweet

Sweeter than sweet, peptides too: Since putting this together and just to be certain for you as to it’s effect, i discovered :
“Japanese researchers found proteins in the starchy water suppress appetite. It contains sweet potato peptide which is produced during the boiling process”.

Crunchy onion bean

With white rice lovely but not too much, or try green beans for a change and keep the onions crunchy.

Fish Sticks plussed

So how do you use your delicious fishsticks?


Have you seen the breakfast version here? But i’m thinking at least garlic sauce.

Carniherbivorous? What a question

Is it a question for you? Maybe not. But you know what Asafoetida is?

A chance meet. Totally lovely with spinach too.

Mouthwateringly totally lovely and the spinach is only part of it.

Fishling Soup

A soup with real hidden depths and hot even when it’s not.

A.T.D.K 4235

Build up your special kitchen store.

A spring onion too. Recipe with tea

A spring onion too I hope that with recipes on these pages you will have or possibly shall by now i hope have become lightly adventurous too, and i hope with a greater understanding and a greater balance in your life (this does not always mean bank balance) but i think if you get the […]

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