A unusual selection maybe, but well worth the try.

My though was that as this meal had no garlic or onions in it, it could be a really nice unusual taste sensation for a person maybe who cannot eat onions or garlic, or is not partial to food containing onions or garlic. Or would it?

Intro/Anchovy/feta, The Wellok

One of the things about this recipe too, for those who are not keen on anchovies, if i hadn’t told you there were anchovies in it as an ingredient, you would not realise it if you tasted the recipe. You would just think what a great taste i am certain.
Possibly a great way also of actually introducing someone to anchovies?
And greek style feta cheese.

A chance meet. Totally lovely with spinach too.

Mouthwateringly totally lovely and the spinach is only part of it.

The SS Tone

But did the plantain make it sweeter, or no?

Potato Spruce

This is not a recipe, more something i discovered by chance but something also that some may enjoy to try. You will know that throughout the site, i love the various tastes and textures of different types of potatoes. The potato with skins on once cleaned up are no exception, in fact i think they […]

Stunningly parsnip too

Stunningly parsnip too. I would always advocate the use of the freshest of ingredients where possible if you are trying these or any recipes. The ingredients:   1 onion 6-8 Parsnips 3-5 medium potatoes 2 heads of broccoli 2 coffeecups full of frozen peas 1 and a half vegetable stock cubes 2 level tablespoonfuls of […]

Breads and pastries

I found saltfish to be a bit on the salty side but delicious none-the-less. I couldn’t eat too much of it at once, just an occasional munch at a piece sometimes has helped with some of the odd tummy emotions? Or tantrums endured at times with either changing tastes or the various adaptations i had […]

Fishy Mel

Stunningly tasty and totally delicious

Hot pineapple broccoli crunch

Yes i’d been very busy. I had bought a broccoli a week or so before wanting to do something with it but not knowing exactly what and before i knew it the thing had turned yellow on top. Always try to use fresh when you can. I know i adore broccoli so i must have […]

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