I know there are some great pastes available and i realise how lucky i am to have much of these ingredients and odd bits left over in my fridge.So will you have if you start with the Tier 1 recipes and add as you go along.

If you have been using this site, i would hope that you do too.
I don’t cook often and i check the food regularly.

Though some of the ingredients were a bit soft or harder than usual, always try to eat fresh if you can please.

I also added to the ingredients on the right a stick of lemongrass and a large cupful of brown rice.

This meal would serve maybe 5 or 7 servings. I gave some to a neighbour and was still testing the recipe further the next day too.

The ingredients are: (As per photo, excluding the lemongrass and anchovies).

5 potatoes
some odd parsnips
5 small cooking onions
a swede
some ginger (up to 2″)
some celery
2 cooking apples
2 green capsicums
one red capsicum
3 stock cubes (veg)
A large bayleaf
Dry curry leaves
5 dried anchovies
A large cupful of brown rice
1 lemongrass stick
Generous tablespoonful of Hot pepper whole (Dried)
Salt and pepper
Optional: Some greek feta cheese

Trim up your potatoes and wash them and cut them roughly into reasonable sized squares and add them to a large saucepan of cold water, mix to a paste the 3 vegetable stock cubes and add to the saucepan and put on cooker. Heat

Remove the skin from the swede and cut into small pieces and add.

Wash and trim the ends from the parsnips and chop them and add to the saucepan.

Trim the ends of the celery and chop into small pieces and add.

Add a large bayleaf

Flatten the lemongrass with a rolling pin or the flat back part of a clean kitchen utensil and add.

Remove the skins from the cooking apples and core them, put them into a blender to mulch them up or carefully grate them into a seperate bowl and then add them.

Remove the seeds from all of the capsicum peppers and chop them and add them too.

Add 1-2 heaped tbsp of dry curry leaves and a bay leaf

Remove the skins from the onions and chop them finely and add them, then do the same with the garlic. Use a garlic crusher if you can or chop very very finely.

Remove the skin from the ginger and grate the ginger onto a plate and add to the saucepan.

Add more water if you need to (hot/boiled from a clean de-scaled kettle).

Use a rinder and scrape the lemon rind/zest onto a plate and add, then extract the juice of the lemon and add that too.

Get a generous tablespoonful of dried hot pepper whole and try to gently chop on chopping board but be careful with the seeds if you have pets or children or add whole to the saucepan.

Bring the whole lot slowly to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer.

Keep on a reasonably high medium heat simmer, try not to add far too much water if you can help it, but keep eye on heat.

Do not allow to boil over.

Finely chop 5 dried anchovies (photos above) and add.

After maybe 25 minutes add a large cup or mug full of washed brown rice. Bring to the boil again. Simmer on high medium heat for further 25 minutes until the rice is also cooked. Cooking the rice seperately may not reduce the cooking time.

Total cooking time certainly up to an hour but maybe less if all ingredients are fresh.

My swede was a bit on the solid side because i wasn’t sure how best to use it for a while.

Add some salt and pepper to suit your own taste (not too much).

Do not eat the bayleaf or the lemongrass.

This was at maybe 5pm in evening (photo above), served hot on a wholemeal pittabread.

The hot lemony zesty ginger element is something else.



Best to keep in refrigerator and reheat unless you like it not reheated.

Delicious hot or cold




It is very possible that now after getting through this program/strategy/course…not only would you have lost weight (i hope/ if you wanted to) but you will have a greater understanding of your ability with regard to food management and eating.


I may add one more recipe or even two or maybe more (knowing what i’m like) but you are quite possibly now set up and raring to go and make your own food recipes and find your way foodwise and even make your own rare mistakes foodwise too.

Why not sign in and post some of your more exciting examples on this site.



And that’s ok.

You can actually enjoy all foods in moderation and particularly moderately if you have health or weight concerns.

The hope with this website is that you now have a better understanding and a good or certainly a more informed grounding