Sunhat de Clara the strongmans third daughter


One broccoli
Some dates
3 Cloves of Garlic
Some curry leaves
Kidney Beans (half a tin)
One egg
Salt and pepper

Put as much water into a saucepan as would be needed to cover the prepared broccoli (bottom right photo) plus maybe 2″ because the broccoli floats”.

Chop the garlic very finely/ use a garlic crusher if you have one.

You will note that i had prepared the broccoli on the chopping board and had left some of the remnants of the top of the broccoli (the seed looking bits).

The broccoli i used was slightly past its sell by date.

For some, it may not always be possible to cook at time of purchase or certainly in my case i may have another recipe on my mind but i get around to getting the ingredients then may be not hungry enough to actually want to eat, so i do it when i can with mind on never wasting the food because i would then personally feel sad.

Plus, sometimes the broccoli has a more bitter taste when left for longer and although i totally love how fresh broccoli almost melts in your mouth and the consistency and taste more than you can ever imagine and with no salt or pepper or maybe a small bit of white pepper or a smaller bit of black pepper but it is rare to add pepper because i like it so much anyway even if not cooked exactly when,  i quite enjoy the dynamic of the hint of an almost odd bitter with the sweet here. But be careful because once a broccoli goes over, it really does. In fact, i think that once a broccoli has sort of seeds on top it has gone over but it was not off, it was slightly drier than as preferred but still worked quite wonderfully. So…

 ‘Always’ try to use fresh produce whenever you can please. 

Compare the size of the chopped garlic (above left photo) against the seeds if not using a crusher.

You wont want huge hunks of garlic in this recipe so you may want to take your time with it and chop finely (Photo 1).

Add the curry leaves (no more that 2 tablespoons), then add the garlic and some salt and pepper to suit your own taste (Photo 2).

Bring to boil and simmer.

When the broccoli is almost cooked (using a long spoon) carefully lower an egg into the mixture and add the dates.

Slice the boiled egg and add to the soup after.

You’ll find that the soup/liquid which is left behind (photo 3) is quite delicious too.