I had found that whether it’s lentiles verte, red lentils, brown lentils or green, which are those i had tried so far, they all are somehow uniquely different in taste or texture or both.

I had never tried speckled lentils before but was so glad that i did.

If on a weightloss programme, this recipe a Tier 1 recipe with no dumplings, Tier 2 recipe if using 2 dumplings, a Tier 3 recipe if more.


One head of broccoli
250g of speckled lentils (check packaging if allergic to nuts as some are packed in places where nuts are packed too).
5 or 6 carrots (carrots can be difficult to chop so be careful)
Vegetable stock cube
One brown cooking onion
One regular onion
2 tblsps of tomato puree
Half a swede (swede can be very difficult to chop so be careful)
One tin of chopped italian tomatoes

Optional: Vegetable suet based dumplings or pack of dumpling mix.

I was eager to compare the taste of cooking onions and regular onions and ended u making a soup.

Dumplings are incredible in the soup too and they seem to really compliment the taste of the speckled lentils very well.

I used a packet mix re the dumplings.

I might like to experiment with dumplings in the future. They are excellent.

Put water in saucepan, add the washed lentils, bring to boil then simmer on very low.

Approximately 30 minutes into the cooking time add broccoli, chop the broccoli as finely as you possibly can, add the stock cube, chop the onions and the carrot and swede as small as possible and add those too. Peel the half of swede and chop into small pieces and add.

Add the chopped italian tomatoes and the tomato puree.

Prepare your dumplings if you decide to add them.

You’ll notice there is no oil or ghee in this recipe though there will be some fat content in the dumplings ingredients and if suet is used check the ingredients there please.


After approximately an hour has elapsed switch the heat from very low having reduced it from boiling.