Here is a simple heady soup you might like to consider:  

Maybe more-so because i’d had a bowl of it and then a second bowl for breakfast. It was snowy and not so hot weatherwise but its a good soup. It seemed to make such a rare but welcome break from the breakfast cereal i had been having every day’.
Think carefully before giving very hot soups to children or those not accustomed to spices.

The peppers used were the little red long ones as opposed to the bigger round ones. I also added lots of ground black pepper (half a LEVEL teaspoonful) a little salt and then brought the whole thing to the boil.

Then 4 level teaspoonfuls of ‘green’ lentils.

Then simmered it for maybe an hour on the smaller ring on the number 1 setting of an electric cooker (very low heat if using a gas cooker/ maybe less than a 2).

Then i left the soup to go cold and tasted it.

I wasn’t exactly keen on how the soup tasted so from a stock cube i broke maybe 1/8th off and added it (a half of a quarter), but it was probably just a bit less.

Then i added one orange coloured scotch bonnet chilli.  The seeds were removed first and hands washed after. Scotch bonnet chillies are ‘extremely’  hot. 

Do not allow children unsupervised near scotch bonnet chillies and if you have pets and any seeds fall on floor, please remember to clean the floor after to make sure that no seeds can get caught on their paws.

My intention was to remove the whole scotch bonnet chilli after cooking or leave in saucepan with the soup to add an intensity of flavor. (Not to eat)

The photo above is the mixture cooking before i added the scotch bonnet chilli and apologies that there was steam on my camera lens.

I could have added chicken too as i mentioned earlier, or broccoli cut into small pieces ‘instead of chillies’ would have been nice too.

Scotch bonnet chillies are very hot so as with any chillies, are very hot chillies so do be careful!

As i had said, this is a very heady soup. Not wise to have unless you like very hot spicey soups. If you decide to cook it for yourself, taste it first and then please wait at least an hour or even two before even thinking of giving it to children. See how you feel first.  Please be quite careful if you do.

I allowed the soup to sit overnight and then reheated it.

If it is too hot you could always do as i did and wait until its nearly gone and throw a few cooked chunky cut potatoes into it. But even a few sultanas thrown in maybe could add a really nice and new dimension?