Some weeks ago i made a recipe which was a simple kind of recipe ingredient-wise and i thought how really tasty as a combination it is. If you think of all of the great flavourings and wonderful tastes that many are able to enjoy i guess it’s a somewhat sobering thought that the main taste in the recipe was ground white pepper. White pepper and the benefits to health can never be under-estimated.

This recipe was put together with taste and substance in mind and i hope you enjoy it as much as i did.


One bag of carrots (approximately 10 / large / /not the giant ones (or equivalent).

 Diced onions (as in photograph). Tray used is standard plastic food container.

Green chillies 5 and fresh garlic as in photo, as in photo 4-6 cloves,

I tried to use my blender to mulch the chillies and garlic but it didn’t even mark them so blitz them if you are able to or trim and cut them as best as possible.

Then, the same plastic container was used (to help you try to judge quantities) to further add:

Some soya mince and the same amount of sliced mushrooms

Also add one vegetable stock cube

2 or 3 tablespoons of tomato puree

I tried to blend the ground white pepper in with the chillies and half of the garlic as you can see, so do it that way if you have a blitzer.






But only blitz half of the garlic quantity you choose, the other 50% chop and add to the carrots.


Bring to boil and simmer and after 5 minutes or so of simmering add one drained tin of kidney beans.

Helpful tip:  So, you’re on a weightloss plan and also you have not been out drinking,

well done!

You, however technically, munched your way through a whole ‘150g’ bag of delicious hot Strong cheese and jalapeno crisps and you really  think you can stop at one drink. Ok”

Even you know that our recipes never quite stop there, some of the rest of this recipe is actually still to come, 

It freezes well both in un-blended and blended condition.

You can also heat up small bits to have with potatoes or try putting some in ice cube trays or like in photo.

It is lovely on it’s own but i’ll tell you what i added to it soon. Cinnamon maybe? To add cinnamon to this is not easy but if you’ve been on this website a while, how would ‘you’ get there? 

Think about it carefully as we cannot accept responsibility if you upset your tummies. Let’s then see if you got it right

By far presently, the best way to eat this was to blend it, delicious! And therapeutically/healthwise, so many gains.










So, to add the cinnamon and make it tasty but then once you enjoyed that combination, to transform it totally and retain goodness into another next meal with a totally 100% different taste.

I still had some of the un-blended recipe in the freezer so i used that. 

Add 5 or 6 chopped celery stems. 

Add a further half ‘teaspoonful’ (not tablespoon) of ground white pepper,

then add the same amount of ground cinnamon and float a red berry teabag for 10 or so minutes  (suberge it but  please don’t break it).

Then the similar amount of dried cumin seeds or crushed cumin seeds, however you prefer, i was not able to do this presently (to crush the seeds).

Bring to boil and immediately simmer for a few minutes.

If you like dried lime, you might like to add half of a slice of dried lime or a quarter of a slice (optional ingredient).

And also before boiling, you can add some more kidney beans if you like.

Then transfer it to a loaf tin, you might like to wait for it to cool before doing this.

Top with mozzarella cheese and place in oven until cheese melts.

Serve and enjoy (serves further 5/6).