More peppered pulses recipe

In addition to the peppered pulses recipe on this site i decided to create an additional part. Some wonderful new potatoes and some shallots cooked together with some green beans and then drizzled lightly even with some left over sweet and sour sauce can be amazing, but   Don’t forget to add the ground white […]

SugarFree but so so sweet

Sweeter than sweet, peptides too: Since putting this together and just to be certain for you as to it’s effect, i discovered :
“Japanese researchers found proteins in the starchy water suppress appetite. It contains sweet potato peptide which is produced during the boiling process”.

Speckled lentils?

I had found that whether it’s lentiles verte, red lentils, brown lentils or green, which are those i had tried so far, they all are somehow uniquely different in taste or texture or both. I had never tried speckled lentils before but was so glad that i did. If on a weightloss programme, this recipe […]

Limp Surprise Tasty

I put on 1.5 lbs which is not a lot i know. But any of you monitoring you weight very carefully would know that it is when trying to keep weight off. I lost 2.5lbs after eating this meal within 36 hours.

The Peggy Jacques

An unusual flavor but it softens potatoes up a little like bicarbonate of soda but not with. Plus as with so many of these, a surprise too and whether you like a hot dog roll or not.

Naughty but nice Barbara Ann

Superbly cleansingly indulgent.
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Potato Spruce

This is not a recipe, more something i discovered by chance but something also that some may enjoy to try. You will know that throughout the site, i love the various tastes and textures of different types of potatoes. The potato with skins on once cleaned up are no exception, in fact i think they […]

Mooli and hot Okra with ginger

Trying vegetables you have never seen before can be fun too.

Left over greens with leek and potato

Left over greens with leek and potato I had some greens which were the remainder of a packet of greens and some leeks which were past their sell by date (always use fresh when you can). I try not to waste food if i can help it but am mindful more-so now of the potential […]

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