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More peppered pulses recipe
Peppered pulses
No waste: Eat the leaves too’ . And surprise plus additions.
SugarFree but so so sweet
Crunchy onion bean
A unusual selection maybe, but well worth the try.
Fish Sticks plussed
Chillied Rice noodle dumpling with tomato
Speckled lentils?
Apple celery surprising
Lentil dippity Yum Yum Soup
Limp Surprise Tasty
Butter bean green bean Soup Plus
Opteptops Advisory
Intro/Anchovy/feta, The Wellok
Mozzarella Ciabatta Olive
Pepps Pepp
Neffes. T. R.
The Peggy Jacques
Twisty Tangpot
Curry solution: Lemon 10, 4 and 6
Naughty but nice Barbara Ann
Sunhat de Clara the Strongmans third daughter
Carniherbivorous? What a question
A chance meet. Totally lovely with spinach too.
Fishling Soup
The SS Tone
The Abs or Ber Ceau’
Washed and Chaffed
Dall & Rosemary
Lemon curd, dates, spaghetti and mushroom
A.T.D.K 4235
Cheesy but no cheese: Chechemanche
A Seasonal variant
4-7 day soup
N.T.W : A multi-dimensional aspectional recipe
Marrow something with and Greek Style Feta
Potato Spruce
Recipe 24D
A spring onion too. Recipe with tea
Recipe 25/10 . Parsnip leek & ginger with water chestnut
Portion size, so what would you add?
Nutty but nut free
Three variety hot potato soup
Stunningly parsnip too
Something Soyabean
Jasmine Rice with?
Chewing fish
Breads and pastries
Fishy Mel
The B Bbruger
Hot pineapple broccoli crunch
Pishy fitta
Savoy cabbage and plum
Spring onions, butternut and potato
Anchovy and pineapple moody curry soup
A butternut hot not not
Food fun
Resuming diet to lose 7bs more
Echalion shallots and tuna tomato with fennel and chocnibs
Fishy Lil
Celeriac with banana
Chilli carrot and sweet potato
Mooli and hot Okra with ginger
Left over greens with leek and potato
Celery and sweet potato (a sweet cleanser of a soup)
Capsicum (yellow) with potato and leek
Potato haldi curry sauce
Weightwise milestones
Stuffed peppers (a real roasted taste and delicious too)
Celery soup (hot)
Cauliflower & fennel, (staying on track).
Potato chips diet style
Cabbage and broccoli soup
Curly kale and sweet potato and mushrooms
Breakfast cereal
Sweet potatoes/sweet potato plus
Squeaky bubble
Potato haldi hot soup
Stuffed peppers
Yearnings for food types
Potato chips diet style/ Lemon zucchini on greens
Cabbage and broccoli Soup (Hot).
Moving to meat free
Zingilly different
Glam potatoes/ garnished brussell sprout
Onion and potato soup hot and spicy
Foodplay/Sheeps Eyes
Not always plain sailing
Early days in weightloss
Meat free or poultry burgers?

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