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On reading one part of a page of a book written by a truly great man who i was so privileged to have met, Mr David Jesson-Dibley, which if i dare to attempt to summarize, would be a greatly underestimated perceptive view and account of some of the Selected poems of Robert Herrick. David Jesson-Dibley was head of English at Christ’s Hospital School. A lecturer, playwright and critic, his selections of the writings of Leigh Hunt is also published in the Fyfield series. Having read a part of a single page of the book Robert Herrick, selected Poems, i felt i could not pass by without remarking on it. He was also responsible for writing a book titled ‘Earth-Bound’, The Big Issue, which refers to or is an quite apetising (for those who are into that type of read) read. The book is about ‘a very strange and mysterious character indeed’. Named Herm, (Hermes Messenger of The Gods). Reporting to The powerful Gods of Olympus on the behaviour of man. Mainly economic but i didn’t read the end.

I was totally honoured when an inscribed copy landed on my doormat, especially when i didn’t realise he was writing a book.
But that has happened before too with others with whom i have become acquainted. It can be a bit of a surprise sometimes but none-the-less a nice surprise?

‘Carcanet press’ where copies of the books mentioned and others can of course be found can be located via search engines such as Google.

It could be far too presumptuous of me to say create the garden which is the Uk.
Especially as we have so many helpers whose work i hear is all too often sometimes overlooked and maybe even unappreciated.   The poem from the book: Robert Herrick, Selected poems. Edited with an introduction by David Jesson-Dibley reads:

About the sweet bag of the bee,
Two cupids fell at odds:
And whose the pretty prize should be,
They vow’d to ask the Gods.

Which Venus hearing, thither came,
And for their boldness stripp’d them:
And taking thence from each his flame;
With rods of myrtle whipp’d them.

Which done, to still their wanton cries,
When quite grown she’d seen them.
She kiss’d and wip’d their dove like eyes,
And gave the bag between them.

Books by David Jesson-Dibley are available and via Carcanet Press. So worth a read. Mr.Jesson-Dibley was such a kind spirited person and generous with it. It was a pleasure to have known him. Thank you.

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